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Seiter Haus is a three piece acoustic band in Northern Kentucky that focuses heavily on originals, top covers and putting on one hell of a live show.

About the Band

Formed by lead singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist Scott Seiter, the band has been continuously booking new venues and gaining loyal followers from all over the country. Scott brings lots of energy, strong vocals and the ability to interact with crowds to make every show the best it can be.

Mike Metzger comes to Seiter Haus as lead acoustic guitar player. Mike is an experienced and very talented musician that has performed thousands of shows in some of the reigion's best bands. Although he claims to be a bass player, Mike can rock out lead guitar with the best of em!

Every band needs a heartbeat. Nickolas Hay joined Seiter Haus because he can keep a beat to damned near anything. Although he misses his full set, Nick creates beats with a small cajon drum set that sounds better than the real thing. Nick puts a lot into every show and loves music before anything else.

The three combine years of experience, loads of talent and energy that will keep the party going all night.

What's New

Seiter Haus is currently working on their first album titles "Changes" that will be released in the fall of this year. Look for it soon!

Booking Information

Please contact Scott Seiter at (513) 252-7804 or contact us online using the form below.

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