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Music in the Making

Seiter Haus is a Northern Kentucky multi-genre acoustic band that focuses on originals, top covers and putting on one hell of a live show.


Formed by lead singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist Scott Seiter, the band has been continuously booking new venues and gaining loyal followers from all over the country. Scott brings lots of energy, strong vocals and the ability to interact with crowds to make every show the best it can be.


Every band needs a heartbeat. Nickolas Hay joined Seiter Haus because he can keep a beat to damned near anything. Although he misses his full set, Nick creates beats with a small cajon drum set that sounds better than the real thing. Nick puts a lot into every show and loves music before anything else.

Original Music

Anyone can do what others have done, but it takes a lot more to create something from nothing. So, while we thoroughly enjoy covering other artists, we love writing and performing originals even more. We are currently working on our first album titled "Changes". It has been many years and a few broken strings in the making!

More than Covers

One thing people like most about us is our ability to play a variety of music. One minute you might see someone bobbing their head to an old Hank song, and the next minute, the entire crowd is rocking out to some AC/DC. One thing is for sure, we are always adding more songs to our show. From yesterday's favorites to today's most requested hits. Below is just a small sampling of what we play.

Goodtimers II
Friday 9/17 @ 8PM

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